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IEC60945 Marine Ergonomic 38 mm Desktop Trackball

IEC60945 marine ergonomic 38 mm trackballs – desktop


Certificate of Conformity fully compliant with IEC60945 Sealing to IP68, fully waterproof Laser optical navigation technology Integrated IP68 hall-effect scroll wheel Integrated left, middle and right switch functionality 38 mm ball for precise cursor movement Removable ball for easy cleaning Outputs: USB & PS/2 (auto select) Smooth operation in rugged environments

The E38 Series desktop trackball is an extremely high specification device that incorporates the latest IP68 technology. The trackball combines the patented optical trackball technology with the new hall-effect scroll wheel to provide a fully waterproof desktop trackball solution.

To compliment these two technologies the trackball also includes left, middle, and right switch functionality as found in all conventional desktop trackballs/mice making the E38 trackball a complete human interface solution for control of a cursor. In its standard configuration the E38 Series is supplied with a black, fine-textured housing, aluminum base plate, USB and PS/2 output, and a grey scroll wheel. The solid state design allows the device to be subjected to extreme conditions and provides the user with the ability to wash down, decontaminate, and sterilize the module, making it the ideal trackball for a wide range of demanding applications and environments. The freestanding desktop device optimizes desk space when compared to a mouse.