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Digital Video Switching for Boats

Digital video switching is on the rise and becoming increasingly popular in the recreation marine, commercial shipping, oil and gas, and military industries. In the maritime sector, digital video controls are now being incorporated into helms to allow custom view settings at any display from any computer. These computers provide video outputs for navigation and safety, including chart plotters, sounders, sonars, radar, cameras, and AIS, as well as providing Captains with vessel monitoring engine data, tank levels, lighting and environmental settings, pumps, fans, alarms, smoke detectors, batteries, and entertainment systems; the options are endless! 

Advantages of Digital Switching

Digital Switching simplifies command and control to a touch of a button allowing the operator to see exactly what they want on all helm displays, which can be the difference between a smooth sail and a catastrophe.

  • Digital video switching allows for customization.
  • The use of digital video switching simplifies control significantly 
  • Digital switching is newer and faster technology.
  • Switching allows for expandability.
  • Easy and safe operation 
  • It eliminates manual switching and can be a space saver, as well as reduce overall weight
  • Easy connectivity and wiring

Digital video matrix switchers have the same capabilities as traditional digital video input switchers but can manage all video inputs and all video outputs across numerous monitors/displays giving the operator to view any video source at any monitor or TV on board.

Compact Digital Control for Displays

The NEW PHT-SRT-CTL is a compact digital control that allows simple touch command control from any bridge. This digital switcher is more basic than other more advanced switchers and is mainly used for managing several displays/monitors simultaneously.

What is the digital controller used for?

  • The control allows you to adjust brightness and contrast settings on multiple displays simultaneously, making navigation easier. 
  • It will enable you to create presets for different captains and their unique requirements. 
  • Create a fishing, security, or docking mode to activate cameras or configure sounder, sonar, and radar to appear on specific displays.
  • Chhose any input for up to 12 monitors daisy chained through RS485 – the ability to control up to 12 displays from one location makes it more convenient than moving from display to display to change settings.
  • Simple to install and use with a low profile to fit in tight consoles.
  • PCAP touchscreen – projected capacitive touchscreens are responsive and do not require any pressure; they can be used while wearing gloves or with wet hands; they’re resistant to light scratches, moisture, and debris.
  • Install as a flush desk mount or tabletop.
  • 9-36VDC power input.
  • The remote is sunlight readable – designed to be used outdoors in direct sunlight. 

SCC Digital Matrix Switching

The Seatronx SCC digital matrix switching command center is a highly adaptable mid-level control that eliminates the need for complex video matrix switchers. This system integrates smoothly with Seatronx VSRT series and SRT/PHT series displays, giving you complete control over your bridge. It is a superior modular digital switching solution for multi-display projects with critical system operation. This revolutionary modular control is quick, dependable, and adaptable to your specific needs. Simple one-button commands enable you to control individual or numerous displays from any helm, bridge, or control center.

Expansion Options 

The Seatronx SCC digital matrix switching command center is expandable with the digital KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switches; KVM enables the control of a touchscreen or mouse that will follow the video being displayed all through a POE simple connection. 

Other features: 

  • POE connectivity – The matrix switcher uses POE over ethernet to connect the computer to individual displays without being limited to one display; video can be displayed on multiple monitors around the vessel.
  • The control to power individual or multiple displays on and off.
  • Easy installation, setup, and customizable to each vessel’s needs with built-in menus and graphics.
  • Modular Video, Touchscreen with keyboard and mouse switching capability.
  • Expansion capability of up to 8 displays and/or multiple trackballs or keyboard devices.

Seatronx works with clients to offer customized solutions for the marine, military, industrial, and aircraft control sectors. For more information, call 800-607-1460 or email us using this form; we look forward to working with you.

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