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Marine Camera Solutions, Keeping Your Vessel Safe While at Sea

Marine camera systems are designed for various purposes, commercial, military, and recreational use; this technology can help vastly improve a vessel’s operations. The application of high-tech video surveillance systems and rugged cameras lets you enhance the safety of your vessel for your crew and passengers. Many factors make boat owners opt for marine cameras, including theft deterrence, video monitoring of machinery and dock activity, and the ability to record real-time video footage and keep track of crew members’ and visitors’ movements.

How will a camera system improve the safety and efficiency of your boat or ship?

Any vessel can benefit from a reliable video surveillance system, whether your ship is large or small. Professional marine video surveillance systems are designed to help prevent crime, reduce liability, monitor work progress and safety compliance, provide visual evidence for criminal investigations and even record training videos for your crew. Boat and ship operators might also find that the extra visual coverage helps them keep a better eye on their surroundings.

How will a camera system enhance the operations aboard your vessel?

Large vessels can benefit from modern camera systems; it is a crucial part of the technology used in the day-to-day operations of running a ship. It isn’t just about making life easier for the crew: it can even save lives and contribute to overall efficiency. For example, a good camera monitoring system is helpful when maneuvering during ship crane and dredging operations. This could help reduce unnecessary injuries and prevent Lost Time Incidents (LTI).

Additionally, video recordings can be distributed over a network to aid multiple employees with real-time reviewing of any given situation. Effective decisions can be made based on live feedback from any remote location.

Smaller vessels like those used in recreation sports fishing may also benefit from installing a marine camera system. Cameras have become an excellent tool for tournament regulation fishing. In sports fishing, camera equipment is required to capture the catch and release and provide clear evidence of species, position, time, and fish handling compliance.

Why is quality an essential factor to consider when choosing a marine camera?

Quality should never be taken lightly. If you’re installing a camera onto your boat, it is imperative to verify that the system can withstand harsh marine environments and volatile weather like rain and wind.

It’s also important to remember that the security of a marine vessel depends on clear, reliable images, even in the most difficult of maritime conditions. Marine cameras need to provide optimal image quality, whether you are at anchor or working in the engine room.

Marine Camera Solutions, Keeping Your Vessel Safe While at Sea 2022

Marine camera viewing solutions

The location of your marine camera depends on what area of your boat needs surveillance. Options include deck view, bridge view, observation view, winch view, machine or engine room view, load view, and process overview.

  • Deck view: A deck-view solution allows you to oversee everything taking place on the various decks. Whether it is the crew, passengers, machinery, cargo, or loading and unloading ramps.
  • Bridge view: A bridge-view solution provides views from all the different sides of the vessel; this is important when sailing through locks and narrow waterways.
  • Observation view: The observation view will give you a complete overview of your boat or ship. Zoom functionality can provide an excellent view of passengers and all other areas you may want to observe. Moreover, an observation view with night vision functionality will allow you to see everything in the dark without any lighting to sail on open water at night safely.
  • Winch view: Winch view solutions are used on cable laying vessels; a winch-view system provides an optimum vision of the winch, anchor, and tow lines. This is important for monitoring and preventing damage to the lines as they are unrolled and rolled back up.
  • Machine and Engine room view: Machine room view solutions allow you to keep a close eye on engines, generators, gauges, and hazard situations such as smoke or fluid leaks. These cameras should withstand high temperatures and work in low light conditions.
  • Load view: For large vessels, load-view cameras are used to bring the work area into focus. The monitor in the cab ensures that the crane operator has a continuous view while lifting, whatever the position of the crane and load. The camera gives the operator a complete overview of the hold and the dock.
  • Process view: Carry out work more safely and efficiently with the process view, which provides optimum monitoring of various operations on board, including an essential view of pulleys, hoppers, pumps, and drag heads. Process view provides you with the visibility you require to react promptly whenever necessary.


Marine camera systems for your vessel – from small boats to large fishing vessels and drilling rigs

SurfVision HD Powered By Seatronx

The SurfVision HD camera system is the perfect tool for smaller boats; it is compact and built to withstand marine conditions. With water-resistant protection, this camera system is ideal for deck view monitoring, outriggers, and interior monitoring. This system also allows for remote live view or playback using your iPhone/iPad iOS devices, making it an ideal all-in-one monitoring system, security system, and recreation video system.

SurfVision HD+

Seatronx also offers the Seatronx HD+ camera system with a mapping center and security all in one, small and compact enough yet fully powered to meet your boat’s needs no matter the size. The Surfvision HD+ offers a high-definition marine-grade bullet camera that allows users to monitor their decks remotely.


This versatile, convenient, and reliable video recording system is designed specifically for the marine market. The SEATRONXcam simplifies surveillance processes and permits multiple-user access – from the pilothouse to the base station. This secure, remote view of individual or multiple vessels is available over wide area networks, including satellite and cellular. It can help you ensure that your vessel is constantly under watch.

Other features include:

  • Remote control and priority management of all cameras
  • Locally encrypted video recording
  • Simultaneous support for Analog and high-resolution IP cameras
  • Single screen central command to control and visualize multiple locations
  • Multi-user access management
  • Remote WebView and remote operator/ administrator software
  • Control of IO devices based on events, such as lights or sirens turned on or off
  • Recording and synchronization of audio with video.
  • Email and Text notification of events

Orlaco CCTV

Orlaco offers CCTV camera systems designed for tugboats, heavy lifting and special transport vessels, and fishing vessels.

Tugboats marine cameras

When maneuvering the Tug, a camera monitor supports the captain by giving them a clear overview of the wheelhouse monitor. Locations such as the winch, towing cable, and engine room can be monitored closely. This will benefit in efficient and safer operations.

Heavy lifting and Special Transport vessel

An HD camera monitoring system is the right solution for vessels where load obscures the operator’s vision. By positioning HD cameras at strategic positions, the operator has optimal supervision of the container load and deck areas.

As an added value, an HD camera monitor system can detect possible Piracy attacks. With a daytime camera and a nighttime thermal camera, approaching vessels can be seen in time, and the crew can take the necessary precautions.

Fishing vessel

When the operation on a fishing vessel is in full progress, the captain does not have a view of all the locations onboard the vessel. Especially a good overview of the crew reeling in the nets is a must. With the use of a camera monitor system, the captain can concentrate on operating the vessel and have a good overview, creating a safer working environment.

Seatronx is proud to be a distributor for Orlaco Specialized Camera Systems and also offers camera solutions for Inland shipping & coaster ships, ro-ro vessels, dredging vessels, cable laying vessels, and FPSOs, gas tankers, drilling rigs, and platform supply vessels.

Surfvision Commercial Marine SEA-CS-1900

The SEA-CS-1900 series is a marine-grade NVR recording server with removable storage drives to meet your specific monitoring and recording requirements for commercial marine and industrial applications. The SEA-CS-1900 uses our intuitive Surfvision PRO software that allows expandable configurations from 1 to 32 cameras, including single and multi-view, digital zoom, GPS position overlay, remote viewing, and optional connectivity to record NMEA0183 and NMEA 2000 data. Ideal for monitoring work, cargo, security, and insurance liability protection.

Other features include:

  • Rugged Marine Grade NVR options built to meet specifications
  • Choice of camera and mount options
  • Remote viewing through an optional cellular network
  • Camera License included with no annual fees
  • Motion activation
  • Microphone recording
  • NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 data recording options

Whether you’re a recreational sailor who wants to capture your next fishing expedition or a commercial boat operator who uses video as a safety tool, choosing the right marine camera is imperative for your operations. For more information about marine camera systems, contact Seatronx at

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