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Stainless Steel 50 Mm Trackball

This range is highly ruggedized and designed for harsh industrial applications, kiosk consoles, navigation controls, etc… This trackball unit features a robust, vandalproof construction and all metal look : the carrier plate made of brushed stainless steel, a stainless steel ring protecting the trackball sealing and three anti-vandal stainless steel and IP65 sealed switches.

The 50mm trackball unit itself can either have :

  • a black phenolic resin ball for highest resistance to hostile impacts and to scratches and with a sealing grade of IP65 static.
    type TBS50F2 (the standard) or type TBS50F2-BT1 with a black coated topplate.
  • a stainless steel ball for styling (complete stainless steel appearance) with a sealing grade to IP54.
    type SBS50F2