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Panel PC’s for Marine, Military, and Industrial Use

Panel PCs have replaced separate display and computer systems in various industries. These PCs combine the computer and display into a single device, reducing the number of wires, cables, and required installation space. With so many alternatives on the market, selecting the appropriate panel PC for rugged environments can be challenging. Unlike the typical PCs we use at home or work, these rugged PCs must fulfill precise standards and specifications to function under harsh conditions. Ruggedized panel PCs are manufactured and used in the marine, military, and industrial sectors.

Selecting a Panel PC – Features

When choosing a panel PC, the user must identify the critical features required for the environment in which the panel PC will operate. Features include waterproofing, the capacity to tolerate high degrees of shock and vibration, brightness, sunlight readability for cases where the PC is exposed to direct sunlight, and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures.


Technology may be susceptible to rain, water, and other liquids in some environments. The marine, military, and industrial sectors can benefit from waterproof features on their panel PCs. To determine the ability of a product to withstand water and other elements, It is important to look at the IP rating. 

  • IP65 rating: IP65 enclosure works well in both outdoor and indoor applications. This rating ensures that the technology housed inside the casing is protected from dust, debris, sand, and low-pressure water of 4.4 psi.
  • IP66 rating: An IP66-rated enclosure can withstand water sprayed in forceful jets from any direction without harming the electronics inside at a water pressure of up to 15 psi.
  • IP 67 rating: An IP67-rated product can be immersed in water for up to 1 meter and a maximum of 30 minutes without harming the system.

Shock and Vibration

High shock and vibration environments can negatively impact the hard drive and motherboard; these components are sensitive and are damaged easily in marine and military environments where systems are exposed to gunfire, transport shock, and other random vibrations. 

The U.S military uses MIL-STD ratings for technology like panel PCs to ensure that these products can withstand shock and vibration.

  • MIL-STD-810G: MIL-STD810g panel PCs are tested against shock, gunfire shock, pyroshock, ballistic shock, vibration, and mechanical vibration among other factors like temperature, water, debris.

Sunlight Readability

Panel PCs used in military and maritime conditions may be exposed to direct sunlight, which might alter the PC’s display, obscuring the image. It can be dangerous in high-stakes military applications if you cannot read your screen.

The nit value of your display will impact sunlight readability; if your display will be exposed to low-normal levels of sunlight, a nit value of 400-700 is required, but if your panel PC is located in direct sunlight, a nit value of 1,000 or higher is more appropriate.

  • Nit value needed for average PCs for personal at-home or work use: 200-300
  • Nit values needed for PCs that are installed outdoors or will be used outdoors: 300-700 nits
  • Nit value for PCs that will be in direct sunlight: 1,000 + nits

Extreme Temperatures

Unlike your home PC, industrial PCs are regularly subjected to high temperature, heat, cold, and humidity conditions. When a computer is subjected to high temperatures, components such as the battery, wiring, and hard drive are vulnerable to harm.

With high heat or extended recirculating heat, electrical components of a PC can easily become damaged. Even minor overheating can cause the computer to shut down, endangering important operations. On the other hand, humidity can cause condensation within the computer, and exposes  critical components, boards, and connections to moisture which can eventually corrode the circuitry. Displays with an IP67 rating and higher can withstand prolonged periods of moisture exposure. 

Most industrial panel PCs have an LCD, which can potentially shatter in extreme cold. There could also be circuit expansion, which can permanently damage a computer or panel pc.


Some panel PCs are built with touchscreen capabilities; a touch screen eliminates the need for a keypad and controls, is an excellent feature for those looking to conserve space, and is suitable for industrial, marine, and military environments.

Resistive touch technology: Resistive touch technology allows the user to manipulate the screen using finger and non-finger inputs, like gloves and stylus pens. The device responds to gloved hands and styluses when pressure is applied. These touchscreens can also be more vulnerable to scratches than other touchscreen technologies, but they can withstand debris and contaminants. 

Capacitive touchscreen technology: Capacitive touch technology reacts to the naked finger or a capacitive stylus pen and typically cannot be used by someone wearing gloves. These touchscreens are resistant to light scratching, moisture, and debris.

P-CAP technology: P-Cap or projected capacitive touchscreens are responsive and do not require any pressure. They can be used while wearing gloves or with wet hands; they’re resistant to light scratches, moisture, and debris.


A panel PC integrates the computer and display into one unit, saving space and weight and lowering the number of installation components (such as wiring and cables). Sizing options must be considered before installation. Seatronx offers industrial panel PC displays in 19”, 24”, and 26”. 


Panel PCs Offered by Seatronx

12″ MIL Panel Mount PPC

This MIL PC is built specifically for MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461F compliance and is used for applications where reliability and durability are paramount. The standard configuration is a high bright sunlight readable unit that is IP66 rated.

PC system specification: 

  • CPU : Intel® Bay Trail Celeron® N2930 1.83 GHz
  • Memory : DDR3 So-DIMM 4GB (max. 8GB)
  • Storage : SATAII HDD 500GB or mSATA SSD 64GB
  • Power Input : 9~36V Wide range DC Input
  • Mounting Type : 75×75, 100×100 VESA Mount
  • Cooling : Fanless with fin 

Sunlight Readable PC

15″ Panel PC with PCT Multi-Touch Support. Featuring 1600 nits Sunlight Readable LCD, Long Life, Low Power Consumption LEDBacklight, Advanced Optical Bonding (AOT), 0°C~50°C, Operating Temperature, High Shock & Vibration Resistance, PCT Multi-Touch Support.

PC system specifications:

  • Processor: Intel Core i5
  • Chip Set: Intel H81 Express Chipset
  • Memory: 4GB DDR III SODIMM
  • Storage: 64GB SSD
  • Watchdog Timer 1~255 steps programmable
  • H/W Status Monitor Support power supply

17″ SXGA Capacitive Touch Thin Frame

17″ SXGA Resistive / Capacitive Touch Thin Frame Panel PC with Intel® Celeron® Processor J1900, 4x COM. PPC-17 Series

PC system specifications:

  • Windows: Windows 10, Windows 7, WES7 
  • Linux: Linux kernel 3.X 
  • Processor Intel® Celeron® Processor J1900, Quad Core, 2MB Cache, 2.0 GHz 
  • System Chipset SoC integrated 
  • LAN Chipset GbE1 & GbE2: Intel® I210-AT (Support Wake-on-LAN and PXE) 
  • Audio Codec Realtek ALC888S System 
  • Memory 1x 204-Pin DDR3L 1066/1333MHz SODIMM. Max. up to 8GB 
  • Watchdog Software Programmable Supports 1~255 sec. System Reset 

SSPPC Series

Stainless Steel Panel PCs – P-CAP Touch, IP66 Sealed Panel PCs.

NEW series of wide temperature range vandal proof panel PC’s for marine, defense and industrial applications: These rugged panel PCs are housed in 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel Chassis and operate in wide temperature ranges from -20c to +60c. The SPPC touchscreen panel series is available in sizes from 15”-24”, equipped with HDMI, LAN and USP inputs and offer 9-36 or ac power supply option. Standard computer configuration includes i5 and i7 processor, windows 10 and 8 or 16 gigs of RAM .

Custom options are available including for high-bright and anti glare applications. Contact Seatronx for additional information.

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