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New Seatronx CCTV System – Built for fishermen by fishermen!

Oct 23, 2018

Hobe Sound, Fl – Seatronx – manufacturer of industry-leading marine displays, computers and peripherals, announced today the release of their newest innovative sportfishing HD video recording systems.

Unlike traditional recording systems, the Seatronx Survision Series is built specifically for tournament and recreation fishing applications. Designed by fishermen for fishermen the NVR-8001 Series and MB-8001 CCTV systems allows you to capture and manage incredible high definition footage using the simplest of commands.

“As a longtime tournament fisherman, I had used a host of unreliable recording methods that ultimately did not record my catch or releases due to either an overly complicated system, or an inferior system in which a battery-operated camera dies at the wrong time,” said Jose Rodriguez Santana, Director of Operations for Surfvision HD. “I found this frustration was widely shared amongst the sportfishing community and is what ultimately began the quest to develop a truly functional and reliable Sportfishing CCTV system.”

The NVR-8001 is a compact, all in one 2 terabyte model, that allows you to record, view and manage all your memorable moments instantly. Record and forget – It’s that simple. The NVR-8001 lets you record multiple cameras all day, all week or all month, and can even mark events for easy retrieval. You will never miss any of the action again. The built-in network allows you to start and stop recording of multiple cameras and quickly forward video to your friends and family via your iPhone, iPad and soon via Android smart device. Adding the Remote Box with integrated GPS allows for Geofencing activated local or remotely via internet using IOS, android or PC devices using a Web based application. The integrated GPS can be activated to report AIS Position B messages to Marine Traffic and vessel position can be seen on Marine Traffic Web site.

The new mini MB-8000 NVR/PC system combines all the features of the NVR-8001 with the additional expanded capabilities of a robust windows pc, allowing for custom configurations and functionality with CCTV, Security, Navigation, Vessel Monitoring or any other Windows applications you desire. The MB -8001 includes 2TB hard disk, WiFi access, Integrated 8 ports POE, HDMI output, PC Windows and IOS iPhone/iPad ready. 2TB hard disk, WiFi access, Integrated 8 ports POE, HDMI output, PC Windows and IOS iPhone/iPad ready.

The NVR8001 and MB-8001 work wonderfully with most IP cameras but is a proven grand slam when paired with the new Seatronx SV-CAM-B HD Bullet Camera. The Seatronx Survision NVR-8001 systems start at $3695 and the MB-8001 systems starts at $4120. The Optional Remote Box access yearly fee is $300.00 or $180.00 for 6 months. The SV-CAM-B HD Bullet Camera with deck mount retails for $1695 and optional Outrigger mounts are available.

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New Seatronx CCTV System – Built for fishermen by fishermen! 2022

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