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Project Spotlight: Nordhavn Makeover with Ocean Currents Marine and Seatronx

We’re excited to feature an exclusive interview with Rob Cote, the founder of Ocean Currents Marine, who has over 35 years of experience in the marine electronics industry. Rob is a specialist in providing high-quality and reliable rugged marine electronics for yacht refits and other projects. He relies on Seatronx marine displays to deliver top-notch navigation and communication solutions to his clients.

In this interview, Rob shares his insights into the industry, his experience working with Seatronx, and his passion for delivering exceptional onboard experiences for his clients.

Who is Ocean Currents Marine?

Rob: Ocean Currents Specializes in Marine Electronics. That includes Marine Monitor-style Bridge layouts.

We provide dual Custom Computers that are running Nobeltec TZ Pro and offer a full package redundant system. All of the navigation needs are available on any of the x4 screens. You can choose between either Radars on the Network, Full-Screen Depth Sounder, Chartplotter with AIS, using Vector or Raster Charting formats, including access to Cameras (All Available inside the Navigation program).

We offer advanced NMEA2000 support and interfacing with the ship’s Autopilot system. We also provide Ships Network Integration (Wifi) with Starlink and on-board Local & Satellite Communication.

I have 35+ years of experience with Marine Electronics, Senior CMET Certified, including FCC Radar Endorsement. I opened Ocean Currents Marine about 15 years ago. The OCM team is Factory Certified, and we offer service for all major Marine Electronics Manufacturers.

What are some of the most important considerations when selecting marine displays for a project?

Rob: A few things to also consider when choosing Marine Monitors for a project are:

  • Do you need Sunlight Viewable? Seatronx Monitors are available in the Pilothouse version or can be purchased with higher Brightness (Sunlight viewable) for Outside use.
  • Does the screen offer Dimmable Brightness to a black screen for Night-time viewing adjustments?
  • These Monitors also work with all Major video formats to provide backward compatibility with Legacy Analog Video needs (HDMI/DVI/VGA/Composite Video) and a USB Port for Touchscreen support.
  • Marine (Glass bridge) Monitors can be flush mounted with Mounting Hardware on the back of the screen.

How long have you been using Seatronx products for your projects?

Rob: We have been offering Seatronx Monitors since the company opened. The company support has been very solid, with quick response to any issues that may occur. They have been able to offer that due to the large inventory on hand, even when most manufacturers were experiencing backorder issues.

What was the feedback from the end-users of the project regarding the Seatronx marine displays?

Rob: We have really gained a lot of attention when we began offering reliable, cost-effective Touchscreen Monitors that can be fully integrated with existing supported equipment. The feedback has been positive from the end users, especially the brightness knob for dimming the monitor, which is simple to find and easy to use. Seatronx Monitors include multiple inputs, allowing less need for heat-generating video switching. These monitors are DC powered to match the Navigation Computer DC power and the power of the rest of the ship’s navigation system.

Were there any challenges that you encountered during the installation, and if so, how were they overcome?

Rob: The main challenge we face is: “What’s the largest monitor that will fit in the area that we are working with?”

Most of the time, we have the panels refinished and then start with all new measurements. The look is impressive, with a row of Seatronx Monitors on new panels…

How did the marine displays from Seatronx meet your client's requirements?

Rob: I recommended Seatronx glassbridge display monitors to the client to upgrade their Nordhavn yacht, as the prior monitors lacked touchscreen functionality. These displays not only provided the desired touch capabilities but also enhanced the yacht’s aesthetics and functionality.

Where can people contact you?

We work in the West Palm Beach, Florida, area and can offer support for your Marine Electronics Service Needs. I can be reached at:

Ocean Currents Marine
Rob Cote
The website is:

Nordhavn Yacht Restoration by Ocean Currents Marine with Seatronx Monitors:

More of Rob's Amazing Refits: Westport project

The Benefits of Glass-Bridge Displays

Marine glass-bridge displays are becoming increasingly popular in the yacht industry. These advanced display systems provide yacht owners with a high-tech solution for monitoring and controlling their vessel’s systems. The glass-bridge displays are designed to be sleek, stylish, and unobtrusive while also providing a clear view of all the essential information needed to operate the yacht safely and efficiently.

They typically include features such as radar, GPS, chart plotting, sonar, and engine monitoring systems, all integrated into a single display. The displays are also customizable, allowing yacht owners to tailor them to their specific needs and preferences. With their cutting-edge technology and sleek design, marine glass-bridge displays are revolutionizing the way yacht owners navigate and control their vessels.

Featured Seatronx Glass-Bridge Displays

Sunlight Readable Touchscreen

As a leading provider of rugged marine-grade displays, we are proud to offer our customers the best products in the market. Our sunlight-readable touchscreens are a testament to our commitment to creating high-quality displays that are designed to withstand even the most challenging marine environments.

Our touchscreens are specifically engineered to remain visible in bright sunlight, ensuring that boat owners and yacht enthusiasts can monitor their vessels’ systems with ease, no matter the weather conditions. Our displays are built to last, with rugged construction that can handle extreme temperatures, vibration, and water intrusion.

We make sure our touchscreens are user-friendly, with excellent touch sensitivity even when wearing gloves. Our displays come in a range of sizes and configurations to suit any marine application, from small pleasure boats to large commercial vessels. With Seatronx’s sunlight-readable touchscreens, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vessel’s display technology will perform reliably, regardless of the marine environment you’re navigating.

Pilot House Touchscreen

The Seatronx Pilot House Touchscreen is a rugged, high-performance display designed for use in demanding marine environments. With a sunlight-readable, multi-touch screen and advanced optical bonding technology, this display provides excellent visibility and clarity even in the brightest sunlight.

The durable aluminum construction and waterproof design ensure reliable performance in extreme weather conditions and rough seas. The Pilot House Touchscreen is also highly customizable, with a variety of options for connectivity, mounting, and configuration to suit the needs of any marine application.

Whether used for navigation, communication, or entertainment, the Seatronx Pilot House Touchscreen is a versatile and reliable choice for any maritime professional.

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