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Blackbox Military Trackball Navigation – Back and Better Than Ever!

The F50 Series trackball module is a high specification human interface device designed to operate in extremely demanding environments where reliability and robustness are essential.

Blackbox Military Trackball Navigation - Back and Better Than Ever! 2022The module is supplied with three integrated switches which provide the conventional left, middle and right button functionality found in commercial trackballs/mice. Alternatively, the number and position of the switches can be selected as part of a custom solution.

The unique aluminum construction provides excellent impact strength, electrical shielding, and environmental protection, making the trackball an all-round robust solution for the most demanding of military, marine and aerospace applications.

High-grade stainless-steel shafts and bearings ensure a solid and precise pointer control.

The trackball module also includes patent protected anti-vibration technology which ensures that only intended ball movements are transmitted to the host system (i.e. when the user’s hand is in contact with the surface of the ball). This feature eliminates any unwanted cursor motion resulting from ball movement caused by external shocks or vibrations.

The F50 Series trackball module can also be configured with various top plate styles providing options on ball tracking force and illumination for use in low light environments and has been designed to be front of panel mounted as part of a rugged keyboard/console.



Blackbox navigation systems are back and better than ever!

The popularity continues to surge for blackbox systems that allow vessel operators the convenience of incorporating expanded functionality into a world class Seatronx glassbridge display arrangement.

Blackbox Military Trackball Navigation - Back and Better Than Ever! 2022The Garmin 8700 and Furuno NavNet 3D are among some of the most popular blackbox navigation systems that allow customers to have all the slick features of chart-plotter, radar, sounder and an expanding line of specialty navigational features, with the added value of allowing the vessel to incorporate Seatronx displays.

The benefit to this option over a MFD (Multifunction display) option is tremendous and should never be overlooked on any vessel over 40’.

Seatronx definitively offers a sleeker neater appearance to any console that will not become obsolete in a few years as most MFD systems do. In addition, Seatronx Glassbridge displays allow for better viewing angles in all light conditions and the multiple inputs and control options allow for systems expansion such as Vessel Monitoring, Safety and Security, Camera and CCTV, Entertainment and Satellite TV, and personal and ships computers.

Defaulting to MFD systems without considering the immediate and future needs of the vessel will typically cost more money over time then properly selecting the correct system at the start.


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